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Second Edition Pre-Release Information

Mike Hummel has put together this note for Second Edition.

Speculation is running a little rampant on details concerning 2nd edition, so I thought I'd post what information I currently had available, so people could see the direction this set was taking. Certain details are either still unresolved, currently under review, or could possibly be changed. As such, any and all details I reveal below are subject to change at any time without notice.

Dice - There will be no more 'punk-ass sticker dice' in the 2nd edition starters. Or at least that is the plan. We are currently working with an overseas dice company to produce 'silk screened' dice for inclusion into the 2nd edition starters. What's the difference between silk screened and engraved? Silk screen dice have the images 'painted/applied' flat to the die face, while engraved dice are, well, engraved. The images on the dice will either appear as black or white, depending on the die. e.g. the white die will have black faces, and the black die will have white faces.

Here are the working stats on the 2nd edition starter decks. Note - if my sources are to be believed, Warder Ian Lee's article detailing the card text/mechanics of the new cards in the starters should be appearing in the Scrye that releases at the end of January. 2nd edition starters will have a new mix of cards (mostly reprints), and will include all new starting characters. Each deck will have an additional new card, plus a third new card which appears in each deck.

The decks will once again be 50 fixed cards, but will have a slightly different focus than the originals. The Hero deck will be the most similar - focusing on the Andor allegiance - and will contain a starting Rand with the Andor allegiance, as well as a new Andoran Lady. The Villain deck will no longer be split between monsters and another allegiance, and instead will be a purely Dark One/monster deck led by Aginor, and will contain a new Fade. Again, these decks will have mostly reprints of original 1st edition cards, but some of these cards will have new artwork.

In addition to the 50 fixed cards in deck, starters will also contain a new rulebook, which covers all the rules changes since the original release, a revised play mat, a counter sheet, and 9-card booster pack. Due to the inclusion of the new non-sticker dice, the retail starter deck price is being raised to US$11.99.

The total set size is being dropped to help increase collect ability and playability. The entire set will contain 50 fixed cards, 50 common cards, 50 uncommon cards, and 75 rare cards. Among the non-fixed rarity, this is a drop of 25 cards per rarity. The set composition is designed to provide maximum playability among the deck/allegiance arch-types. It will contain a limited number of reprints from the sold-out Dark Prophecies expansion. These reprints are being included to help bring balance to certain base-set allegiances, which lacked for additional support cards in the 1st release.

There will also be a limited number of all new cards, which will be spread throughout the different rarities - from fixed to rare. The planned promo release for the 2nd edition boosters is the Friend of the Dark card. The booster cost will not increase, and will remain at the expansion standard of US$2.50 for 9 cards. Rarity distribution will also follow expansion standards with a set number - 5 common, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare per pack - and will not have the random distribution of common/uncommon cards which the 1st set had. Booster boxes will have 24 packs per box and Starter boxes will have 6 starters per box. Additionally, like the new fixed cards, some of the reprinted booster cards will have new artwork. The booster boxes will additionally have a checklist insert which will contain a list of any and all changes between 1st edition cards (rule changes are found in the starter rulebook) and 2nd cards. Note that these changes are mostly just reprints of the changes found on the two previous booster box insert sheets. All cards which received significant errata/clarification changes from the previous sets (that appeared on the booster box checklist page) will be reprinted in 2nd edition with the corrected text.

That's all I have for now. Additional details will have to wait until both approvals and print quotes come back. As details are finalized, I'll be working with Rick Don and Sam Black to insure changes or new materials are posted to Precedence's official web site, and to the eyeoftheworld support page.

That's all - Thanks!


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