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Wheel of Time Collectible Card Game
Premier Cards (sorted by type)

This is a list of all the Premier cards, sorted by type. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

Card Rarity Artist Type Subtype

Advantage (63)

Challenge (36)

Character (80)

Event (89)

A Beginning Rare Tony Mosely Event
A Murder of Ravens Common Jim Pavelec Event
A Sign of Hope Common Tina Druce-Hoffman Event
A Time of Peace Rare Pat Morrisey Event
Animate Stone Uncommon April Lee Event
Bitter Fighting Rare Chris Arneson Event
Blood Tide Common David Monette Event
Broken Ground Uncommon Darrell Sweet Event
Bubble of Evil Common Ed Beard Event
Carpe Fatum Rare Pat Morrisey Event
Charge Common Theodor Black Event
Civil Unrest Uncommon April Lee Event
Decisive Tactics Fixed Paul Carrick Event
Defensive Measures Common Thomas Manning Event
Dense Fog Common Rob Carlos Event
Dense Forest Fixed April Lee Event
Disband Common Kelly Goodeen Event
Distractions Common Eric Anderson Event
Driven Rare Steve Snyder Event
Duel Common Bill O'Conner Event
Earth Blast Uncommon Jim Houston Event
Expendable Troops Common KC Lancaster Event
Fall Back Common Rob Carlos Event
Fireball Fixed Steve Snyder Event
Guarded by Fate Rare Darrell Sweet Event
Hampered Common Paul Herbert Event
Harassment Common Darrell Sweet Event
Healing Fixed Pat Morrisey Event
Heavy Fighting Common Jeff Menges Event
Heroic Efforts Fixed Tim Gerstmar Event
Hidden Spies Common Rob Carlos Event
High Stakes Rare Jim Houston Event
Hostile Terrain Common Paul Herbert Event
Illusion Uncommon Pat Morrisey Event
In Harm's Way Common Kelly Goodeen Event
Incentives Common Rob Carlos Event
Infiltration Common Tony Mosely Event
Knowledge Is Power Common Nan Fredman Event
Lightning Uncommon Jim Holloway Event
Local Aid Common Kelly Freas Event
Lucky Find Rare Mat Innis Event
Misdirection Common Kelly Freas Event
Narrow Escape Uncommon KC Lancaster Event
Overrun Fixed Tim Gerstmar Event
Personal Growth Fixed Darrell Sweet Event
Plots Fixed KC Lancaster Event
Power Suppression Rare Pat Morrisey Event
Prophecy Uncommon Darrell Sweet Event
Pull of the Pattern Uncommon Ron Rousselle Event
Rapid Recovery Common Steve Snyder Event
Ravens Watching Common Rob Carlos Event
Remove Fatigue Uncommon Diana Vick Event
Respite Common Liz Danforth Event
Rule of Power Rare Bill O'Conner Event
Rumors and Lies Common Jim Holloway Event
Sabotage Common Kelly Goodeen Event
Second Front Common Darrell Sweet Event
Secret Aid Common Jim Holloway Event
Similar Ideals Fixed Tim Gerstmar Event
Skimming Uncommon Larry Elmore Event
Spying Fixed Diana Stein Event
Stedding Rare Jim Holloway Event
Surrounded Common Eric Anderson Event
The Dying Ground Uncommon Pat Morrisey Event
The Telling Blow Common Thomas Manning Event
The Wheel Turns Rare Darrell Sweet Event
Twists in the Pattern Rare Tony Szezudlo Event
Wall of Fire Rare Eric Anderson Event
Ward of Protection Rare Diana Stein Event
Waygate Uncommon Paul Herbert Event
What Might Be Rare Ed Beard Event
Whispers in the Dark Common Ron Walotsky Event
A Stroke of Luck Common Jim Houston Event Limited
Connections Common Steve Snyder Event Limited
Further Goals Rare Paul Carrick Event Limited
Gateway Uncommon Tim Gerstmar Event Limited
Infighting Common Pat Morrisey Event Limited
Into the Fight Uncommon David Monette Event Limited
Intolerance Common David Monette Event Limited
Portal Stone Uncommon Mat Innis Event Limited
Prepared Defense Common Jim Pavelec Event Limited
Regroup Common Darrell Sweet Event Limited
Reinforcements Common Darrell Sweet Event Limited
Strong Support Common Tony Mosely Event Limited
Stymied Fixed Paul Herbert Event Limited
Subtle Manipulations Uncommon Mat Innis Event Limited
Surprise Attack Common Chris Arneson Event Limited
The Truth They Tell Uncommon Ron Rousselle Event Limited
Unexpected Ally Fixed Darrell Sweet Event Limited

Troop (29)

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