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Wheel of Time Collectible Card Game
Premier Cards (sorted by rarity)

This is a list of all the Premier cards, sorted by rarity. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

Card Rarity Artist Type Subtype

Fixed (47)

Fixed/Common (3)

Common (72)

Uncommon (75)

Advanced Scout Uncommon Paul Carrick Advantage Character
Amys Uncommon Bill O'Conner Character Aiel
Andor Uncommon Ellisa Mitchell Advantage World
Andoran Spearmen Uncommon Jim Holloway Troop Andor
Animate Stone Uncommon April Lee Event
Assassination Attempt Uncommon Steve Snyder Challenge
Aura of Death Uncommon Ed Beard Advantage Character
Aviendha Uncommon Steve Snyder Character Aiel
Border Clash Uncommon Ron Walotsky Challenge
Broken Ground Uncommon Darrell Sweet Event
Cairhien Horsemen Uncommon Kelly Goodeen Troop Cairhien
Cairhien Uncommon Ellisa Mitchell Advantage World
Called to War Uncommon Steve Snyder Advantage Player
Car'a'carn Uncommon Ron Rousselle Challenge
Catapults Uncommon Paul Herbert Troop Mercenary
Chiad Uncommon Chris Arneson Character Aiel
Civil Unrest Uncommon April Lee Event
Darkfriend Band Uncommon Tim Gerstmar Troop Dark One
Eamon Valda Uncommon Ed Beard Character Children of the Light
Earth Blast Uncommon Jim Houston Event
Establish Contacts Uncommon Liz Danforth Advantage Character
Exiled Uncommon Diana Stein Challenge
Flanking Maneuvers Uncommon KC Lancaster Challenge
Forward Scouts Uncommon Ed Beard Troop Mercenary
From the Shadows Uncommon Paul Carrick Challenge
Gateway Uncommon Tim Gerstmar Event Limited
Gaul Uncommon Stephen Daniele Character Aiel
Gray Man Uncommon Steve Snyder Character Dark One
Herb Bag Uncommon Rob Carlos Advantage Character
High Lady Alteima Uncommon Steve Snyder Character Tear
High Lord Aracome Uncommon Steve Snyder Character Tear
High Lord Samon Uncommon Ran Ackels Advantage Character
Illusion Uncommon Pat Morrisey Event
Inner Strength Uncommon Steve Snyder Advantage Player
Into the Fight Uncommon David Monette Event Limited
Jasin Natael Uncommon Liz Danforth Advantage Character
Lady Colavaere Uncommon April Lee Character Cairhien
Lightning Uncommon Jim Holloway Event
Limit the Opposition Uncommon Chris Arneson Challenge
Lord Daricain Uncommon Jim Holloway Character Cairhien
Lord Meresin Uncommon Ron Walotsky Character Cairhien
Lord Talmanes Uncommon Nan Fredman Character Cairhien
Marksmen Uncommon Bill O'Conner Advantage Troop
Momentum Uncommon Paul Carrick Advantage Player
Nae'blis Uncommon Mat Innis Advantage World
Narrow Escape Uncommon KC Lancaster Event
Patrol Uncommon Jim Houston Troop Children of the Light
Portal Stone Uncommon Mat Innis Event Limited
Prophecy Uncommon Darrell Sweet Event
Pull of the Pattern Uncommon Ron Rousselle Event
Raiding Party Uncommon Paul Carrick Troop Aiel
Rallying Cry Uncommon Ed Beard Challenge
Reducing Influence Uncommon Mat Innis Advantage Player
Remove Fatigue Uncommon Diana Vick Event
Rest and Recovery Uncommon Ron Walotsky Advantage Player
Resupply Uncommon Kelly Goodeen Advantage Player
Scouting Party Uncommon Tony Mosely Troop Aiel
Search and Destroy Uncommon Stephen Daniele Challenge
Sentries Uncommon Jim Holloway Troop Mercenary
Shattered Dreams Uncommon Ed Beard Challenge
Skimming Uncommon Larry Elmore Event
Subtle Manipulations Uncommon Mat Innis Event Limited
Tar Valon Guards Uncommon Jim Houston Troop Aes Sedai
Tar Valon Soldiers Uncommon Jim Houston Troop Aes Sedai
Tar Valon Uncommon Ron Walotsky Advantage World
Tear Uncommon Ellisa Mitchell Advantage World
The Art of Intrigue Uncommon Steve Snyder Advantage Character
The Dying Ground Uncommon Pat Morrisey Event
The Truth They Tell Uncommon Ron Rousselle Event Limited
Tight Formation Uncommon Kelly Goodeen Advantage Player
Trolloc Raiders Uncommon Chris Arneson Troop Dark One
Two Rivers Archers Uncommon David Monette Troop Andor
Waygate Uncommon Paul Herbert Event
Weariness Uncommon Kelly Goodeen Advantage Character
Wolves Uncommon Rob Carlos Troop Mercenary

Rare (100)

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