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The Wheel of Time
Collectible Card Game

If you're looking for lists of cards, you've come to the right place. You have lots of choices for how the lists are formatted - pick one. These lists include all the officially released cards in each set. Promo cards are listed here. You can choose to look at Premier cards, Dark Prophecies cards, Children of the Dragon cards, Cycles cards, everything, or nothing. Each breakdown also details the makeup of the set by rarity, and has links to the card gallery.

the cards sorted by .


  • All cards by name.
  • All cards by type.
  • All cards by rarity.
  • All cards by artist.
  • Starter packs contain 50 fixed cards, 4 blank dice, stickers, a play mat, and a rulebook.
  • Booster packs contain 8 cards: 3-7 common (average 5.25), 0-4 uncommon (average 1.75), and 1 rare. These odd numbers are due to the unusual nature of the approved cards in the set and a new collation scheme.
  • The entire set consists of
    • 50 fixed cards
    • 3 fixed/common cards
    • 72 common cards
    • 75 uncommon cards
    • 100 rare cards

Dark Prophecies

Children of the Dragon


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