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Fixed Cards

This table represents the fixed cards in the Wheel of Time CCG, listed by deck. Note that several cards appear in multiples in the fixed decks; these are flagged as (x2) or (x3).

Premier Edition

Dragon RebornForsaken
A Second Chance (x2)  A Second Chance (x2)  
Andor Cavalry (x3)  Andor Infantry (x3)  
Andor Infantry (x3)  Bodyguards (x2)  
Bodyguards (x2)  Commander (x2)  
Commander (x2)  Confrontation (x2)  
Confrontation  Darkfriend (x2)  
Debt of Honor  Decisive Tactics  
Decisive Tactics  Dense Forest  
Dense Forest  Fade (x2)  
Egwene al'Vere  Fireball (x3)  
Elayne Trakand  Healing (x2)  
Fireball (x2)  Human Rabble (x2)  
Gaining An Advantage  Lady Elenia  
Gather Allies (x2)  Lord Gaebril  
Healing (x2)  Lord Jarid  
Heroic Efforts  Lord Lir  
Lady Aemlyn  Lord Nasin  
Lady Arathelle  Overrun (x2)  
Lady Ellorien  Padan Fain  
Lan Mandragoran  Personal Growth (x2)  
Light Cavalry (x2)  Plots  
Lord Pelivar  Rahvin  
Mat Cauthon  Rampage  
Moiraine Sedai  Secondary Efforts (x2)  
Perrin Aybara  Spying  
Personal Growth (x2)  Stymied (x2)  
Plots  Testing Fate  
Rand al'Thor (I)  The Tide of Battle  
Seasoned Warrior (x2)  Trolloc (x2)  
Similar Ideals (x2)  Trolloc Footmen (x3)  
Spying  Unexpected Ally  
Testing Fate  
The Tide of Battle  
Unexpected Ally (x2)  

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