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Wheel of Time CCG Errata
last updated 21 August 2001

I've cleaned out this errata list for make room for the most recent errata. The old errata can be found here. All errata are also posted with the card images in the gallery. You can also search the rulings database here.

Premier cards


Rotate Amys and target a character with only the Aiel allegiance with a Politics ability lower than hers (including none). Rotate the target for no effect.


If you control Andor during the ready round, choose one allegiance. Until end of turn, symbols generated by Andor cards you control gain the chosen allegiance.

Assassination Attempt

Target a non-Ta'veren, non-Starting character. Only Intrigue and One Power may be rolled in this challenge. For every 3 points by which you succeed, do one point of damage to the target.


May only be played by a Villain player. Target a non-Taveren, non-Starting character with a printed cost controlled by a Hero player that has at least 3 characters in play. The target may not ready during the ready round. The target's controller may return the target to his hand to discard this advantage. At the start of the Last Battle and/or if the target is replaced, discard this advantage.

Fortress of Light

Only characters and troops with the Children of the Light allegiance may participate in challenges initiated by this contested advantage. An opponent may not target a card you control with an event that has a printed (One Power) cost unless he first pays a (One Power). During the Opening Moves step of a Last Battle challenge, you generate (support, support, opposition, opposition) for each contested advantage you control.


Target a character with the Combat ability. While the target is participating in a challenge rotate him as a limited event, select a non-Ta'veren, non-Starting character participating in the same challenge, and roll the target's Combat dice. Apply any rolled damage on the character selected. Other results are ignored.

Pedron Niall

You must have 2 Pattern to recruit this character. While you control Pedron Niall, Children of the Light troops you control gain +1 Combat. You may draw an additional card during the draw round.

Tar Valon

Only characters and troops with the Aes Sedai allegiance may participate in challenges initiated by this contested advantage. While you control Tar Valon, all characters you control with the Aes Sedai allegiance may participate in any nation contested advantage, regardless of normal restrictions.

Dark Prophecies cards

A New Empire

May only be played by a Hero player. Requirements: Control a nation contested card advantage by 5 or more. Benefits: As an event, you may rotate the target nation contested advantage to draw 3 cards and move a neutral token to your section of the Pattern (if possible). These benefits may only be gained once per game for each nation contested advantage.

Chesmal Sedai

As a limited event, once per turn, rotate and target a character with damage. The target takes an additional point of damage, and Chesmal Sedai does not ready next turn.


Choose an allegiance. When it is revealed, this challenge gains additional opposition equal to the number of cards in play with the chosen allegiance. If successful, place 1 point of damage on each character and 2 points of damage on each troop with the chosen allegiance. When this challenge revolves it is removed from play, and the initiator may not play a copy of this challenge next turn. Any character card damaged by Genocide may not rotate to heal next turn.

Strength in Diversity

All symbols you generate for the rest of the turn gain the allegiances of all characters and troops you currently control.

Under One Banner

While participating in the Last Battle your starting character gains +1 to all non-zero abilities for each different allegiance if you control at least one character and one troop with that allegiance.

Errata to date

from this posting and the DP/CotD checklist

Premiere cards

Dark Prophecies

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