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Children of the Dragon FAQ

Mike Hummel has put together this FAQ for Children of the Dragon.

Since the spoilers began posting in the beginning of November, a number of players have asked a variety of questions pertaining to the new CotD cards. I thought I'd compile some more of the frequently asked questions into, well, a FAQ. The cards appear alphabetically. I've tried to make this list fairly exhaustive, so for many of the questions below I've gone out of my way to list a situation that could cause someone confusion. It is entirely likely that you can play without ever running into one of the questions listed below; but if you do, this may save you the time of emailing for a response.

Andoran Reserves

Q: If I give my Illian Lord the Andor allegiance, can he rotate to give this troop a bonus?
A: Yes.


Q: Can the last line of these cards be used to get Young Bull/Mat the Gambler or Lord Perrin/Mat the Warrior.
A: No. See the personality rule; when searching a deck for a card you must search for the card title and not the personality.


Q: How does this damage assignment restriction work?
A: Balthamel provides an additional restriction on how an opponent can place his damage, but this restriction does not modify the other rules restrictions on how damage is normally assigned. If an opponent controls a Dragon or Aes Sedai character opposing Balthamel in a challenge, then his damage must first be placed on them before it can be placed on other legal targets. This does not override the up to their maximum current ability restriction; Balthamel looks for any Aes Sedai or Dragon characters opposing him who could still have damage placed on them, he hits them first, then lets the opponent decide where his other damage could legally be placed.

Casualties of War

Q: For the purposes of this card, what does drawing mean? Does it include searching your deck for a card?
A: Drawing means drawing cards from the top of your deck, and does not include effects which allow you to search your deck for a specific card and place it in your hand, even if the card you are searching for is the top card of your deck.


Q: Why is this card Dark Nature if it has the Dark One allegiance. It's not like the Hero player can recruit it anyway?
A: Other effects in the game, like the DP challenge Dark Subversion, trigger on the trait Dark Nature.

Dark Disguises

Q: Can this be used to get Selene if Lanfear is my starting character?
A: No. Selene does not have the word gains in its effect text.

Destroy from Within

Q: Does the last effect happen even if you don't win the challenge?
A: Yes. The last effect of this card is generated after the challenge resolves and is not dependent on the success or failure of the challenge.

Dream Search

Q: When I search my hand or deck, if I have a copy of the target card both in my hand and deck, do I have to discard the copy in my hand?
A: No. You may choose which copy of the target is discarded, but if you only have 1 copy of it, you must discard it, even if it is in your hand and you wish to play it immediately.

Half-moon Axe

See the notes under Ashandarei.


Q: If I already have the maximum allowable amount of Chiefs, Maidens, and Wise Ones in play, can I opt to recruit another and then choose which I want to discard?
A: No. If you've met the maximum allowable number, you may not recruit any additional characters until you are below that maximum. If an effect would grant you additional characters above your maximum allowable (like Search and Destroy on a Compulsion on one of your stolen characters), that character is discarded. See the definition of control on the back of the CotD checklist.

Lady Basene

Q: With the wording considered to have all allegiances for the purpose of challenge participation, would this mean she gains a non-Children of the Light allegiance, and thus can not participate with Children of the Light cards you control under the current allegiance specific restriction rules?
A: Yes, for now. With the release of Second Edition, we are looking at rewriting some of the allegiance specific rules, including the current Children of the Light restrictions. She was worded in such a way as to reflect what we wanted her to do after we made changes to the rules in Second Edition.

Lord Marac den Norvin

Q: He's not on the checklist, I see a Lord Maric Narwin - are they the same person?
A: Yes. During the approval process, Robert Jordan asked us to change the card's name, and we made the change to the card but forgot to make it to the checklist.

Maidens of the Spear

Q: With the last line of this card, can I move multiple Maidens or only one?
A: You may use this ability for each Maiden you control, as a Limited Event.


Q: Can Mandarb target Aan'allein?
A: Yes. To have been the most clear with the current personality rule, the first line should not have included Lan's last name, to best show that the card was targeting the personality of Lan and not the card Lan Mandragoran. A general rule to follow regarding the Personality rule is to look at advantage targeting vs card searching. Basically most advantages target the personality and can target all upgrades of the base personality while card searching effects trigger on the specific card title.

Manifest Destiny

Q: Does this boost a Troop's non-combat ability of less than 3, even it has a combat ability of 4 or greater?
A: Yes.

Military Dominance

Q: When it says target X characters on these cards, can you use the ability if you control less than X characters?
A: No.

Network of Spies

See the notes under Military Dominance.

Peace of Rhuidean

Q: How does this work, does it only negate damage generated before I play this or after?
A: All damage generated in the target challenge (even damage generated during the Action Round) is negated after you play this event until the target challenge resolves.

Remnant of a Remnant

Q: Does it mean I get to re-roll 1 die for each Maiden, or 1 die for each Maiden, for each Maiden I control?
A: Each Maiden gains the ability of the Premiere version of Mat Cauthon and can re-roll exactly 1 die each.


Q: what does the last line an ability symbol of your choice mean? All recruitable Forsaken only have One Power in their cost.
A: All recruitable Forsaken only have One Power in their cost ... for now.

Sovereign Rule

See the notes under Military Dominance.

The Dragon Scepter

Q: If I use the first ability and choose an allegiance, do symbols generated before I used the ability gain the allegiance?
A: Yes. All symbols rolled in that turn, regardless of whether they were rolled before or after using the Scepter's ability, gain the allegiance.

Trolloc Champion

Q: Are these effects cumulative?
A: Yes.

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